About Gemmaya


Meet the creator of Gemmaya

Born  and raised in the Republic of Moldova (Eastern Europe) in a family of crafty folks and settled down with her family in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, USA,  Adelina travels the world to source some of the best fabrics and finest materials that go into her pieces. Inspired by the amazing variety of silks from India (her husband's  country of birth), she envisioned  a different life for those exotic  textiles. Her jewelry pieces are  true statements of craftsmanship.


Exotic Components, Proudly Handcrafted in the USA

The hallmark of Gemmaya pieces is the 'silk pearl', featured in the beautiful Japanese art of fabric folding- Kanzashi- to create ornamental flowers used for adorning hair or clothing.
Handcrafted in the USA.   


What we offer

Gemmaya offers 100% handcrafted jewelry made of exotic components such as Indian saree silk beads, other unique regional Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian textiles, natural gems, pearls, stones, and carefully selected metals and alloys. We explore botanical, floral and nature inspired themes for our pieces.

  Our exquisite jewelry is created by artists with a passion for unique ideas and innovative techniques.



Our jewelry is packaged in simple, yet stylish boxes, without added cost to our customers. The fabric used to embellish the box is typically the one out of which the jewelry piece is created, where possible.